What are the techniques to deal with oily roots and dry ends?

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People have different hair types and each hair has its difficulties. If you have an oily scalp and dry ends, these hair problems are not the same. But numerous tips help your hair to deal with your oily scalp by hydrating it and for dry ends add some moisture to it. When your hair feels brittle, dry, and split ends then you can feel an oily scalp and dry ends when you take a hair bath continuously for 1 to 2 days then this combination hair type occurs. Here some come of tips to deal with oily roots and dry ends.

Use the right hair brush

Brushing your hair will reduce the natural oil in your hair from the locks to the dry ends. To fight the hair from the oily scalp and dry ends use the right hair brush. It offers better natural oil to your hair.


Bush your hair with proper strokes

While brushing your hair you will not realize you’re negatively impacting your locks. While brushing the hair with continuous strokes, it smoothly divides the natural oil from the hair root to the tip instead of holding them at the root of your scalp as well as leaves your ends dry. It helps to refresh the blood flow and helps the hair to look healthier due to the natural oil distribution.

Reconsider your conditioner and shampoo

When washing your hair with shampoo, change the routine. It is not recommended to use shampoo all the time for your hair. Instead, apply the shampoo only when it is required. While shampooing your head removes all your dirt or unwanted products from your scalp without reducing the natural oil from the hair. It also helps to nourish your hair. While conditioning your hair, apply it only at the bottom ends of your hair. Allow the conditioner to absorb your hair until you complete your shower and the extra time of conditioning helps to nourish it from the locks.

Use hair oil for hydration

Apply the hair oil to the end or even at the middle length of the hair. It provides moisture to the dry ends and doesn’t add the lubricates to your roots of oily scalp. The only thing you need to do is add some oil to the dry ends to put on some moisture and it decreases the dryness. If you feel, more oiliness then go for oily scalp and dry end treatment. Better scalp gives you better hair growth.