Can sweat damage your hair?


During the workout you often get sweat. But most of the native’s question is whether it is good or bad for the hair. Sweat arises as a combination of salt and water. When your hair faces wet it is easy to stretch and it lends to more damage. Also, the salt in the hair loses the color of the hair faster. As well as sweat in the hair reduces your new hair growth and dries out your scalp. Here comes some of the reasons why sweat can damage your hair?

Before your workout

If you want to protect your hair apply the proper conditioner in the hair. It arises as a bridge between the sweat and your strands. It is always better to sleep by applying a deep conditioner and in the morning time, rinse the hair with cold water. Brushing your hair before a workout brings the blood onto the surface. Although the best moisture is your natural oil. Through brushing up your hair all the excess oil is reduced and it gives a hair dry and it is like a moisture drink that boosts up the dehydrated area.

During workout

When you’re ready for the workout don’t tight out your hair in a tight way, which can lead to more breakage. You can also choose to wear the cotton headbands because it pulls out the sweat from your hair.

 After your workout

The effective way to protect your hair from sweat is to wash your hair with cold water after a workout. But most of the people don’t follow it after the post-workout. Mistakes they make most often are putting the hair up with sweat. If you throw your hair up in a wet state, it easily tears your hair hence hair is in fragile -mode. The second mistake is often done by using old shampoo and conditioners after your workout.

hair growth

Steps need to minimize the hair damage after a workout

There are several steps taken to reduce hair damage after workouts. If you want to wash your hair or not after a workout is really up to you. It depends upon your hair type and how your hair feels. It is not necessary to shower your hair after post-workout. By continuously washing the hair gets dried out very easily. By following the above tips, you can stop sweating from damaging hair. Using dry shampoo, it is the best solution after every workout session.