8 everyday stretching exercises for great flexibility

Exercise makes a person fit and perfect. In that case, practicing stretching is the perfect exercise you need to do every day. Many people skip the stretching workout because it is easy. The reason behind it that you might think you don’t have time for it or else don’t want to do it. Before ending your workout complete it with a stretching session. Take up your everyday stretching exercise for great flexibility and relieve your stress. Look at some of the stretching exercises and make your body a fitful one.

Hamstring stretch

Take your left legs upward and place the legs tip at the hips back. Keep your hip flat. Lower your back until you feel the stretch. Place your hands on the upper thighs to offer some balance to your back. Continue this process one or three times for about 10 -15seconds for greater results.

Upper back stretch

In front of your face, stretch your clasp hands together and round your back. To feel the stretch in the upper back press your arms. To get a better stretch, contract your abs. Practice it one to three times and hold for 15 to 30 seconds.


Shoulder stretch

Take up the right hand straight across your chest and take your left hand in a curl position around your elbow. For better stretch pull the right arm and if you’re not feeling the stretch drop down your shoulders lightly.

Side stretches in the seated form

Grip your hands overhead whether in a seating or standing position and make your palms face the ceilings. Feel the stretch on the left side by stretching up and then to the right side.

Shoulder and chest stretch

Clamp your hands together in the back of your hand and arms should be straight. Towards the ceiling lift your hands and if you want high comfort you need to give greater stretch. Through this, you will feel the stretch in the shoulder and chest.

quad stretch

Biceps stretch

Bring your hands towards the side and follow the thumb up action. Turn around your thumb down and back. Stretch the biceps until they are pointing to the back wall.

Triceps stretch

Bring the right elbow behind your head and use the right hand to drag the left elbow. Practice the stretching process until you feel the stretch in your triceps.

Quad stretch

Bend your knees by grabbing the top of the left foot and take your leg towards the backside and allow the knee to face straight at the floor. Feel the stretch at the front of your leg. Compress your hip to get a deeper stretch. These relaxing full body stretches will automatically reduce your muscle’s cracks and pains.