5 simple yoga exercises for back pain

A lot of people are suffering from back pain, the doctor’s only suggestion for this problem is yoga. Yoga is a Mindbody therapy that helps you to come out from the back-pain issues. In yoga, the body stretches, and poses can strengthen and relax your body. If you practice yoga in a day you will gain more awareness about your body, here comes some of the simple yoga exercises for back pain.

Child pose

This pose is usually practiced to increase the length of the body and it is done in the grounding pattern. On the spine area in the body, it offers a gentle grip and greater effects are caused at the midline part of the body. Bring your hands and knees onto the ground position. Force your hip to touch the heels and press your palms to touch the ground.

back pain


If you think by practicing bad postures your back pain gets increased. Then taking up cobra poses will reduce your back pain and stretch out your spine and in the process your body gets strengthened. Place your forehead on the floor and keep the hands in the middle of the ribcage on each side. Press your feet to top on the floor by drawing the legs together.

Lunge with the twist

This twist will offer strength to the spinal joints and legs. Place your right foot forward and keep the block under your left leg for support. With the help of the left foot, the tip straightens your left knee. Keep your right hand on your hip and turn to the right.

cobra poses

Constructive rest

This exercise will calm down your muscles around the abdomen and hips. Keep your knees together in the bent shape and place your feet wider than the hip-width. The legs weight is carried up by each other so you can relax muscles around your hips, thighs, and abdomen.

Supine twist

This move will provide a twist in your lower back by pressurizing your hips. A supine twist occurs by lying on your back. Drag your knees to your left chest and take your legs towards the left chest. Both knees should be placed one over the other. Don’t give too much force on your left knee. Rather you can use a pillow for more support.

If you have severe back pain then take, some above-mentioned yoga poses to ease lower back pain. It is always necessary to keep your body fit and healthier. so, follow up the above poses to make the body stronger.