What can 10 minutes of running do for your health?

run every day

Practice running habits regularly that have a lot of health benefits. Researches have shown that running for 5 to 10 minutes will decrease your risk of death from strokes, heart attacks, and other diseases. This research has also shown that there is no need to run for hours every day rather follow up on the running process for 4.5 hours a week. If you practice running for a longer time it can lead to serious injuries such as stress fractures and shin splints. Here comes some of the benefits of everyday running.

Benefits of running every day

Several health benefits are cured by running each day. Individuals who practice the running habit for about 5 to 10 minutes per day are easily able to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower the risk of neurological diseases and cancer. By taking a minimal amount of running you can seasily achieve these benefits.

Another benefit of running is that it improves sleep and mood. Researchers have proven those 10 minutes of running useful for your health at a moderate pace, it increases the concentration ability of non-runner people. Running is similar to other daily activities such as walking, yoga and it endeavors all the benefits.

Running every day is safe

If you practice the running habit regularly you may face serious overuse injuries. Overuse injuries occur because of taking too much physical activity and not allowing the body to adjust or due to fast running. In other cases by running with the poor method and overloading certain muscles and results in technical errors.

How to run every day


The only requirement for running is a pair of shoes. You need to have alternative shoes in case if one shoe gets wet. Along with these, sweat resistance running clothes are also required. If you run at night time or morning make sure to carry a reflective vest or light for safety.

Plan weekly

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According to your physical fitness, decide how much you can run in a week. If you’re a beginner don’t run everyday hence you might have severe injury or burnouts. Rather run in the alternative days. If you take up 10 minutes of running useful for your health it Is more suitable for the beginner runner. The experienced runner can work every day and the most important thing is scheduling your weekly training.

The above-mentioned tips show the importance of running. Make your day fresh by practicing jogging hence it helps to maintain better health.