Tips to protect your hair from the chlorine damage

swimming shower

During summer, people face a lot of hair damage due to the detrimental drying power of the chlorine sun and saltwater. If you are going to the beach the chlorine present in the water will damage your beautiful hair hence the chlorine is the hardest chemical for your hair. When your hair absorbs chlorine, it lowers hair oil components and also breaks the hair cuticles. To avoid all these damages loot at some of the tips how to prevent chlorine damaged hair.

Use the lower hot tool

This summer avoid all those blow dryers, curlers, and straightener. While using the hot tool in your summertime while swimming it will dry out your hair and cause breakage and split ends in the hair.

Before swimming shower your hair

The swimming water contains chlorine or salt water that is spread all over the pool, when you take up swimming the chlorine in the water will dehydrate your hair. To avoid this problem, shower your hair before you go swimming. Hence your hair will become moistures so that it absorbs less chlorine or salt when you take up swimming. You can also apply conditioners to your hair to keep the dried-out hair for a longer time.

swim cap

Apply protection spray

After using sunscreen to your hair apply the UV protection spray. These sprays are protective and simple which helps to safeguard your hair from the sun and also against chlorine.

Prefer using a swim cap

Swim caps are a great way to protect your hair but they are not available for everyone. When you’re swimming, the swim cap helps your hair not come in contact with the water.

Use hat

Protect your hair by wearing a wide hat hence it protects your hair from damage. All these hats will reduce your hair split ends and hair losses while going swimming.

Put your hair up

If you hate wearing a hat then the only way is to put your hair up like a bun. If you are concerned about your scalp, keep chlorine from wrecking your hair then throw your hair up or in a braid.

After swimming shower hair

After swimming, it is always necessary to rinse your hair and prevent your hair from salt and chemicals. You can also use shampoos which are super hydrating to rejuvenate your hair.

Use a hair mask or oil

To rehydrate your hair use a hair mask or oils. These are perfect to soothe your hair and scalp. You can also take up your favourite hair oil or mask. Allow it for about 20-30 minutes to absorb the hair.