Can you use rollers on short hair?


In today’s lifestyle, everyone wishes to have short hair hence it takes lower time for styling. While styling the short hair the problems might arise on how to curl or style the hair and also struggles in choosing the right hair rollers. If you have short hair it is easy to maintain and it stays clean when it comes to rolling the short hair it is the exact opposite. Many questions come to you which roller size is perfect for short hair. Before rolling your short hair be sure which type of hair you consume. Here comes some of the ways to curl short hair.

Use right hot rollers on short hairs

The size of the hot rollers varies depending on the length of the hair. For short hairs, the professional stylist will recommend you use smaller or mini rollers. Hence the small roller will endeavor narrow barrel diameter.

short hair

Different type of hot rollers

There are different types of hot rollers available, in that case the barrels which are covered with foam materials are known as foam rollers. Rather the one which is not covered by the barrels and finished with holes in order to allow the heat to pass through. Barrels that are covered with velvety fabric are the most popular hot rollers and named flocked rollers.

Compare the hair length

At the time of noticing the hair type, it is also necessary to look at the hair length. You can choose your rollers according to the type of hair whether it is thin or thick. Before purchasing a roller, focus more on hair size and length for better performance.

Set the hair within time

The only solution for hair setting is by hair rolling. Hair rollers take minimum time than the curling irons and it keeps the hair healthier without any damage. The time you keep the roller

in gives you better hair styling with perfect curls. For better results keep the roller for about 25 to 30 minutes.

Choose rollers with preferred hairstyle

A medium or petite curl is suitable for short hairs. You can choose a petite roller with half diameter that gives you a tight curl. For bounce, curls use smaller rollers and for wavy patterns you can use medium rollers. For perfect hair, styling use rollers on short hair and make your look adorable.