How to work out comfortable with long hair


If you’re going to the gym or taking up a workout, you may feel discomfort with long hair. To avoid all these problems, know how to deal with long hair while exercising. Keep your hair away from the face by tying them backside to perform the rigorous activity. For the workout, braids and other ties are also good options. Here comes some of the tips how to workout comfortable with long hair.

Tips for long hair during workouts

After the workout, you need to take a shower and use cool water for hair brushing. Massage your scalp with your fingertips similar to using shampoo. Give a clear rinse for your hair to avoid the oil and sweat. Wash your hair with shampoo once or twice a week and use a hair conditioner more often. While washing your hair with water just use a conditioner. The second option to make your long hair comfortable before a workout, tie up your hair while showering, and don’t allow it to get wet. It is very important to wash your long hair regularly. During the workout, the sweat in the head has been released as a natural oil from your scalp. The oil content is good for your hair but you need to redistribute throughout your hair.

Different hairstyles for long hair

There are different workout hairstyles for long hair are available

Twisted double buns

If you want to keep your hair from your neck instead of putting a ponytail braid or braids. Try out this new twisted double bun while workouts. Part your hair into two and split them into two sections. Take the first section and twist them completely and make a tight twisted bun.

Bubble ponytail

When you’re going for the workout this ponytail is different from normal pony’s by tangling. Make your ponytail at the top of the head and tighten it with the band. Then tie the second band below an inch below the first band. Continue this technique until you complete the ponytail.


Top Knot braid

If you are doing a workout then tie your hair on your back. By braiding topknot, you will not feel any disturbance during exercise hence it is tied up at the top head. Make a high ponytail in your hair. Tie your hair from the top to the bottom and tighten it with an elastic. The next step secures the braid into a bun and tight it with another band on top of your head. The above-mentioned tips and hairstyles give you a perfect outlook.