5 frizzy hair home remedies

While setting up your new hairstyles you feel that you are ready to move outside. Once you get out of your house your hair will become fizzy and the hair loses its shape. Frizzy hair is not something that gives a curliness but it also speaks about the volume of the hair. It shows how much care you contribute to your hair. Here comes some of the frizzy hair home remedies.

Almond oil egg

The egg and almonds have a major effect on the hair. The egg supplies protein into the hair follicles and almond oil nutrifies your scalp. Any hair damage can be repaired with vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid content. Mix the egg and almond oil and apply it to your scalp for about 40 minutes. After it gets dry wash with shampoo or conditioner.

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Coconut E

The vitamin E and coconut make up coconut E for your hair, while the coconut provides protein to your hair and vitamin E nourishes your hair. Take the two vitamin E oil and four cups of coconut oils and mix them well. Store them in a container for later use. Take two tablespoons and apply it to your hair.

Mayo-almond mix

This mask deeply prevents frizziness and gives you deep nourishment to your hair. The mayo pack is coupled with the mixture of egg and almond for better conditioning properties.

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Banana hair treatment

If you’re wondering how to treat your hair from frizzy use a banana for hair treatments. A banana offers your hair deep conditioning properties and honey acts as a humectant. Grind the little pieces of banana into a fine paste. To create a fine paste blend it with the honey and coconut oil. Allow the paste to sit for 20 minutes until the content absorbs into the hair.

Pumpkin treatments

Start your hair frizz with the pumpkin. Hence the pumpkin is filled with zinc, potassium, and plenty of vitamins. And honey is popular moisture. Mix both the ingredients and you can get a liquid consistency to apply it on your scalp and it helps to remove hair frizzy. Cut the pumpkin in pieces and mash them in a liquid state and apply the honey and mix it well. Apply the pumpkin mixture to your hair and also it with the shower cap. Leave it for about 15 minutes. The above-mentioned home-madehair treatments for frizzy hair will completely reduce your curliness and gives smooth hair.