01.10.15 #NOHL

Giant's Causeway

@GCausewayNT #Causeway

Site Location: Giant's Causeway

Name: Jim Patton, MSLL 

Tell us about yourself, Jim: 

I first developed an interest in lighting design as a trainee Electrical Engineer within a general M&E consultancy practice in Belfast. We were involved in many varied projects, including the restoration and the lighting of the Grand Opera House here in Belfast. My interest grew and in 2001 I set up my own consultancy firm, "Light and Design", here in Northern Ireland. Consequently there have been various opportunities for both familiar and inventive lighting schemes within churches, museums and private housing, also a number of historic refurbishment projects including work for the National Trust.

I have been representing the Northern Ireland region at SLL for some considerable time now and have also served as a Council member.

Can you tell us about your NOHL Site:

This challenging site has no mains supply and the plan at present is to have a mix of battery powered LED fittings and some more powerful generator powered LED floods at remote locations. These will be some distance from the viewing position in an attempt to give an indication of scale.

The massive vertical basalt columns that form the feature know as the 'organ', some 200m from the main causeway are obvious candidates for some special treatment.

The National Trust staff at the Causeway have been very enthusiastic and will be opening the visitors' centre for the evening and best of all, opening the cafe as the north Antrim Coast can be somewhat bleak on an October evening!

It was Samuel Johnston who said the Causeway was 'worth seeing but not worth going to see.' Let's hope our evening will most definitely be worth going to see!