01.10.15 #NOHL

Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City


Site location: Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

Name: Andrew Bissell

Tell us about yourself, Andrew:

I joined the SLL when it was first formed and became a full member in 2003.  I was also involved in the re-write of CIBSE LG5 Lighting for Learning.  I currently head up the lighting design group Cundall Light4. 


Why did you want to be involved in the Night of Heritage Light?

The Night of Heritage Light is the perfect event to promote and educate on the importance of lighting design and lighting equipment.  The scale of the event will raise the profile of the International Year of Light and the lit sites will demonstrate what can be achieved by the lighting community for our communities.


Can you tell us about your NoHL site?

We have been working with NML on lighting the graving dock site as it is a key heritage site which is not really visited or appreciated by visitors to the Museum of Liverpool or Tate Liverpool which flank the site.

With so much to light in the area we have really had to reign ourselves in.  We have settled on the idea of lighting the inside of one of the graving docks.  We like the idea that the effect will not be seen until you arrive at or walk past the graving dock.